You will soon get to like her.

You've touched my heart.

She had a narrow escape yesterday.

Elric is more popular than me.


I asked her to come see me.

What do you think they'll do?

Knock before entering.


Tell Stacy it's important.

Is this seat empty?

Toby works in a pasta factory.

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Your patience irritates me.

I hope you know what you're doing.

I often experience palpitations of the heart.

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President Roosevelt agreed to help.

We're going to lunch at 1 o'clock. In other words, in 10 minutes.

Why don't you turn it off?

I think we should hire them.

Don't try to deceive us.

I don't want sympathy.

Don't you think I know my own brother?

She takes care of fifty odd children.

"How will you keep Pratt from going to the police?" "I'll offer him money."

Could the situation worsen?

It would be better if I didn't tell you.

I have to run.

She grabbed him by the hand and took him to the kitchen.

I think it's time for me to put new bait on the hook.

Nanda needs rest now.

They haven't yet had an appointment with this lawyer.

It's making a great stir.

I use this desk.

Morton didn't say where he went.

Taking all things into consideration, I have made up my mind to give up the idea.

That's the woman I talked to you about last night.

Since it's cloudy with a chance of rain today, we shouldn't go surfing.

The key determinants in impact are not the number of authors or articles in the field but, rather the citation density and the age of the literature cited.

Deborah keeps a hunting knife in the trunk of his car.

I have to speak to Bill immediately.

I'm thinking of offering her the position.

I went around from one house to another.

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As the weather was snowy, we went skiing.

Wood is the raw material for making paper.

The police found three wallets in your car.

We yelled at her to be careful.

The institution was established in the late 1960s.


Are you enjoying the play?


The alchemists in their search for gold discovered many other things of greater value.

Are you telling me Saad didn't do it?

If you want to change your mind, it's OK with me.


I'll see Albert tomorrow morning.

None of us can be as great as God, but any of us can be as good.

I have strong feelings for the institution I lead.

I used to pretend I was you.

I want you to deliver this message to William.


Many people who say they aren't afraid of dying are lying.


Can you tell the difference between granite and sandstone?

This is my opinion, not yours.

In for a penny, in for a pound.

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I believe in you at any rate.


Novorolsky is in his prime.

I don't want anyone to know about this.

They lived in peace.


As everyone knows, today is a very significant day for us.


I share your opinion.


"I'm sorry. I reflected on what I did." "Reflected on what you did? That's something that even a monkey could do!"


Pierette arrived minutes later.


Nobody told me.

Not only did I eat pilaf, but I also ate kebabs.

Look at this picture, please.

The moment she was alone, she opened the letter.

I don't like this game and I don't want to play it anymore.

Don't ever underestimate them.

Borrow and return, then you can borrow again. Borrow and don't return, and then the borrowing gets difficult.

The ceremony went off well.

But the reason I came baptizing with water was that he might be revealed to Israel.


Where would you rather go?

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The practice is peculiar to Japan.

Raymond certainly doesn't need any more money.

What can I tell Dylan?


Don't judge a man by his clothes.


I spoke with Anatole.

He called me a cab.

The croaking frogs inspired tremor in Terry.

He went on walking for two hours.

Shahid looks bummed.

How about cup of tea or something, if you aren't in a hurry?

Donna is definitely not busy.

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Remember, curiosity killed the cat.

I'll have Giovanni bring up some dinner for you.

Why are you spitting?

Something strange is happening.

He'd love to live in the city.

Do not bother to come to my home.

His new book is planned to appear next month.


I told you I was going out.

I thought you were mad at them.

A tear ran down from that eye.

He couldn't speak because the audience was too noisy.

I've got a little work to do.

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No matter how cold it is outside, the rooms are heated to a comfortable temperature.

This is serious.

I'll agree to your terms.

It is easy to play tennis.

It's the perfect number.

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He sleeps during the day and works at night.

Andries can't make it tonight.

Don't bother making so many trips.

You will hurt yourself.

David is a deacon in his church.

I'm not in the best of shape.

The problem is worse.

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I have not let you down.

I looked, but I didn't see anything.

Please don't forget to post this letter.

The news shocked the public.

There's something that makes me suffer.

She seems to devote all her effects to her career.

I'm a pretty happy guy.


She tried to hide her tears.

Don't walk so fast. I can't keep up with you.

Gigi kicked in the door.

Stephanie is always very busy and never has any free time.

I think we should make a deal.

Marie has grown.

The rain soaked through my clothes.

You picked a bad time.

They don't speak English.

I have appealed to him to visit but he didn't come.

How often do you wax your skis?

Lucy dismissed what Sassan was saying.

Can we just move on?

I just wish we'd gotten here sooner.

The clerk made an entry in his ledger.

Who else do you know in Boston?

How dare you call me poor?


The ship came from overseas.

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This story is by far the most interesting of all.

I'm not suggesting we lie to Hughes.

He talks a lot about Germany.

It warrants your attention.

You smile.

That fact proves his innocence.

Vinod said he'd walk Tran home.

Beth is slimmer than her sister now.

He was gray, like his name.

Tyler tried to get the splinter out of Emmett's finger.

We were all present at the meeting.


The day-old chicks cheeped shrilly as their mother returned to the nest with a beak full of food.

Toerless is able to walk on his hands.

Lanny told us the reason why he was late.


He is a promising young man.

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Can you recommend a good story where a handsome prince and an ordinary girl fall in love?

I can't bear to see him cry like that.

Are you opportunistic?

Leaf after leaf fell to the ground.

In Esperanto there are only 16 grammar rules.


The teacher compared my poem with one of his.

I'll make you a cup of tea.

There's a comparatively large cinema complex inside the mall.


My skirt is too long.

I think it's a very good deal.

There were no other injuries.

We should probably go home.

Who's got time for that?

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This is the lake's deepest point.