What a pair of morons!

Truth is like a disco ball, and only one of the tiny little mirrors it is made up of is actually yours.

It's a scalp disease.

He greeted her with cordiality.

I feel bad that I can't come today.

She was a girl of imposing appearance and winning manners. But this staggered him. If she were such a slave to fashion and observance, she was not the woman for his wife.

He left a minute ago.

Why are you afraid of Randall?

I can't go to class right now.

Am I supposed to answer that question now?

There was damage to the pipe.

What do people do for fun in Boston?

Gabriel will contact you.


This book really blew my mind.


I'm afraid your plan will not work.


Cathy told Lucius about that.

We have a simple solution for all this.

You need to have a heart-to-heart talk with Kelvin.

No matter.

Are you free tomorrow evening?

Wendell became friendly with Sherri.

I was trying to talk to you.

He believed that blacks could win their fight for equal rights without violence.

There are other girls out there.


Run the engine till it gets warm.

I get asked that question a lot.

I don't need your opinion.

Their effort proved abortive.

It would be funny, if it wasn't so sad.

I don't think this is a good idea.

We were instructed on how to run the machines.

Jos arrived earlier than usual yesterday.

You're the real racist for bringing it up.


Stand up straight.

Wendell comes here every other month.

Ron asked me to give you this.

They are nice boys and I am sure you will get on with them very well.

This directly concerns Think.

It will have been snowing for five days tomorrow.

Harv was one of my best friends in high school.

I had no idea things were so bad.

I was just wondering if Straka has ever been over to your house for dinner.

Stephen is back early.

My car's over there.

Is there a post office around here?

I love the rain while I'm studying in my room.

Guillermo isn't as patient as Morris.

I did it willingly.

It was really touching.

We had no choice but to put up with it.

Kayvan doesn't know much about pottery.

In his free time, he likes to be on the Internet.


Has he arrived yet?

I'll buy her a beer.

Laurie admits he wasn't sure.


That would be acceptable.

I need you to promise you'll do what I ask you to do.

I think that Dale has made a good decision.


The police officer enforces civil law.

The train leaves at nine, arriving there at ten.

He was given three ships by the queen.

Thank you for returning my call.

These lemon-almond cookies are excellent.

We don't have long.

Shaving was not an easy task, for his hand continued to shake very much; and shaving requires attention, even when you don't dance while you are at it.

I don't want to do anything tonight.

If you come across an unfamiliar word, look it up in your dictionary.

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She invited me to her wedding.

It's too early to get up.

Ram wears a sports bra for exercise.

Not for eating do we live, but for living, we eat.

He himself went there.

Dan found Linda inside his car.

I don't feel like talking with anyone.

They don't trust Tharen.

Occasionally there are earthquakes in South Carolina.


Stop telling me what to do. You're not my mom.

We must sit down.

I noticed that the bus drivers cannot brake.

You need a change of air.

It seems that Mr Hatoyama is living in company housing.

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I wish you'd stop telling people that.

I live with my mother, brother and my grandparents.

We talked about cabbages and kings.

I'm sorry, I really am.

They are going.


More roads were made, and the countryside was divided into lots.

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Why don't you let Marc decide?


Are there bears around here?


According to the thermometer, it's thirty degrees outside.

Luis leaned down to get a closer look at what was on the ground.

Did you get me anything?


There used to be a vegetable garden in our yard.

Kylo can't find out about this.

I have a habit of getting up early.

Kory suggested that I not buy a secondhand computer.

That's the offer.

Could you help me translate this into French?

Her cheerful voice responded just like that. Guess I was worrying over nothing...

Fry me an egg.

This is a watch made in Japan.

Vaughn was supposed to buy flowers for Sassan, but he forgot.

It feels like rain.

It would be a lie if I say that I miss her.

I've made up my mind to come up with a better solution.

I'll meet with her tonight.

I should go warn Klaudia.

It all comes down to a question of loyalty.

Graeme hasn't really tried very hard yet.


My answer corresponds with yours.

I have an older brother who lives in Kyoto.

Major is responsible for it.

I have to take this call.

We saw a fish splashing in the water.

How long do butterflies live?

He had promised to stay out of politics.


They live near the beach.

You might want to consider buying some new tires for your car.

Let's take a ten-minute break.


I'd like her to be happy.

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I didn't pull the trigger.

Please send your sales reps to this new account.

Most boys know his name.


It is natural that he should refuse that request.

Fay is the person I've been looking for.

Where did you see him?

In a plain area, how many mass of soil should be removed to make a half hole?

Son was cruel to Sanjeev.

I looked around the room and saw a lot of things I never noticed before.

Life will already be over before you know it.


I told you I have plans.

Saul lives down the hall.

I'm starting to get used to the food here.

Many people have gathered.

Why would anyone not like Erwin?

Don't forget to lock the door!

Excuse me, how much do these cost?


I have a pet train I sometimes take to work. It makes the office all sooty though.

Certain things are better left unsaid.

You're in for trouble.

Could you turn off the radio, please?

Next time, don't drop it.


I never laid a hand on you.

Everyone but Leonard has already gone home.

We're just catching up.

There's a page missing.

Elliot would never hit Swamy.

Srinivas has been studying French.

Like it or not, you must do it.

These cardboard boxes are fragile.

Ms. Tanaka can type, can't she?

I've never told anyone that.

I'm going to take some pictures of Brett.

I've visited more than ten cities outside the country so far.

Your life depends on it.


We're all waiting because there's no news about the test results yet.


Genius is infinite patience.


I can't believe you didn't recognize me.

You must work very hard on duty.

They spent six months building the house.

I had him carry my luggage to the platform.

Finally she gave in to temptation and ate the whole cake.

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She forgot her first wedding anniversary!

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Some of my classmates are overweight.

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Skip was tickled pink.

That is an epic novel.

Have you ever loved somebody so much that it made you cry?

Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names.

Would you mind reading a bedtime story to Delbert?