It's pretty bad.

Is that law still in force?

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The plan did not meet with his ideas.

It sounds like you need new brakes.

I cooked this especially for you.

Let me speak to them.

Is that all you want?


I don't want to see you disappointed.

He trusts us.

I am in the dark about the relation between them.

It's Christmas Eve tomorrow.

And he sees himself as a sailor.

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I know nothing.

Much as I admire him as a writer, I don't like him as a man.

Why did you begin without me?

I told him not to go to the place alone.

We've said our goodbyes.

It was careless of you to leave your bag.

I guess we shouldn't be surprised.

Brandon won't be back for a week.

Have you seen my coffer?

Kristin told me that he'd lost his watch.

Roger made a copy.

Do you ever do your homework?

Tell us what happened that night.

He has been working for the Banque de France for ten years.

Everyone knows that.

I hardly knew her.

I'm getting fed up with SJWs.

Two Iranian professors of physics were assassinated.

The telephone rang while I was reading.


How old is this?

The witch hunt has begun.

I met lots of famous people at that party.

I'm conservative.

Mongo's awkward around women.


How good are they?

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Thanks a lot.


Thanks, I understand now.

There is a 21-day quarantine for people suspected of having contracted the Ebola virus.

He is used to talking to foreigners.

There's nothing we can do.

If you hurry, you can make the next bus.


We have already seen this film.

I felt my face turn pale when I heard that sound.

We went out in spite of the rain.


Nici and King are with me.

This TV was made ten years ago and there are no parts available, so it is impossible to repair it.

This building looks large from the front, but not from the side.


Are you saying my life is in danger?

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I have to go get some food.

I know how to do it.

How can I cancel my wedding?


I haven't seen them recently.

Admission charges aggregated $2500.

What do people usually do around here after work?


I gave my cold to Debbie.

We will divide the large area of family land equally between our children.

I hope Shari is in a good mood.

It was still early in the day when Those arrived at the campground.

How is this pronounced?

I took your umbrella by mistake.

He turned a deaf ear to my request.

He smokes a pack of cigarettes a day.

This box is so large that it cannot go into my bag.

Glynn is much taller than you are.

We need to find her tonight.


Let's let Leila try that again.


I wonder who the man over there may be.

He has the backing of a certain politician.

Did she really just say that?

Come on, tell me your cellphone email address.

I honestly don't get it.


Nothing is worse than telemarketing.

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I just want to find him.

We can pay 200 dollars at most.

Only for grownups.

He lost face.

Beautiful flowers have thorns.

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She was born in Mexico.

A beautiful face is half of the dowry.

You should recover from your cold.


We should leave here at once.


She is young and immature.

Let us two sit down.

Your enemy is well trained, well equipped and battle hardened. He will fight savagely.

Take good care of him.

Don't give me that book. Give me the other one.


I saw them play baseball in the playground.

You look happy.

They climbed up on the roof to clean the chimney.

She is in Mallorca and sunbathes by the sea.

Stop beating around the bush and tell us what you really think.

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Water evaporates when it is heated.


That strong light blinds me.

Snap out of it!

They banned French as a language of instruction at schools.


Satan's ghost awakes.

Starbuck has completed his homework.

Give me thirty seconds.

Well, every cloud has a silver lining.

In severe weather, it's best to stay indoors.


Life is full of ambiguity.

This clock gains two minutes a day.

You don't want to know what happened to him.

This camera is very expensive.

I bear no grudge against you.

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I'm not available right now.

You may be forced to fight, whether you want to or not.

This is all a waste of time.

I know you need some more money.

It's always been like that.


My sister often takes care of the baby.

You're cuter than your sister.

Your message should be at least ten characters long.

He meddled where he wasn't wanted and it backfired on him.

Each year some 4500 different Pop LPs appear.

How was the beach?

This problem seems difficult.

My family still has their Christmas lights out even though it is April 21st.

Kathleen read everything very carefully.

You will go, you will never return, in war you will perish.

I'll squeeze lemons all afternoon if it's necessary.


The professor is making a phone call.

I speak Bosnian.

I told her I was going out.

He longs for the fellowship of the rich.

You bought the ticket for the train?

I learn Esperanto almost every day.

Your room number is five hundred four: five-oh-four.

I was almost hit by a car.

Please see that this letter is mailed sometime today.

You arrived on time.

Why don't I just buy you a hat?

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Do you know what happens next?


Who fired first?

We've got two cats - one is white, and the other's black.

Does he understand Italian?

I haven't talked to anyone but Lar today.

I've contacted Ramon.

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I gave my son a box of candy, which he opened happily.

I'm going to go home and take a bath.

Could you give me your cell phone number?

He was blind from birth.

He robbed an old lady.

The thief was caught red handed.

The air conditioner has got out of order.

Kee looked a bit surprised.

If you see a suspicious person, please inform the police.

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Who is the leader of the group?


You just bought yourself another day of detention.

It's difficult to understand his ideas.

Ramiro is the one who hit me.

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Can you answer this?

You're going to have to live with what you did.

I would like to travel, but I don't have any money.

Donn doesn't belong here.

What are Paula and Emily doing here?

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I'll pick them up in an hour.

Sharon got into his car, started the engine, and drove away.

I need it.

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I already spoke to her.

She has been ill for a long time and she is still too weak to get about.

That's kind of deep.