You should ask them.

Jess is wary.

There you go again.

Are there any express trains?

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The decline can be traced to the 1950s.

She drew a broken line to show where the property ended.

Let Jason come aboard.


Toby is glad the school year is finally over.

His wife screened him from reporters.

I'll not divorce you, unless you give me a good reason.

Val had blisters all over his feet.

We'll return home tomorrow.

Ima eats very quickly.

I don't get much exercise sitting in the office all day.

Michael is the least studious of the three.

The will have dinner.

That's the least of our problems.

Kolkka is the best person for the job.


Elijah doesn't trust what anyone says.

What I'm saying is quite true.

I'm taking off now.

A great relationship is based on two main principles. First, appreciate your similarities and second, respect your differences.

This is what my mother gave me when I got married.

You should turn money to good use.

I have to stop that. It's a bad habit.

I had the waiter bring us some coffee.

Shannon handed the salt shaker to Andreas.

Truth is like a disco ball, and only one of the tiny little mirrors it is made up of is actually yours.

That must've been something.


A danger foreseen is a danger avoided.

Virtue is insufficient temptation.

When I was a kid, I won a drawing contest.

I wonder why Trey was so angry.

The sky was already looking grim when we set sail. Within an hour, the first squall had hit us.

Bucky was walking slowly.

The physical fitness courses are required for everyone.

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Have you seen Thomas medical records?

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The biology teacher is called Sonia.

Have you ever heard Sedovic talk?

I threw it away.


I think I have an upset stomach.

I hope we get away with this.

That guy is totally nuts!

Jared is here for you.

I'm going to take you to her.

Thanks to the bad weather, the game was canceled.

I don't care for ice cream.

Hotta got one of his ears pierced.

This means that others can only come to know you and like you by listening to what you say.

I've already seen the film.

Vistlik refused my offer to help him.


Lojban and its predecessor Loglan are mutually unintelligible.

I heard that Vern was hospitalized.

Ernie stretched out on her beach towel and fell asleep.


Are you down there?

Hui gave Fritz a piece of his mind.

Why are you being such a bully?


I parted from her long ago.


Stan lives on the other side of the hill.

When I was in England, I used to swear much.

She has an indefinite contract.


I acted as interpreter at the meeting.

Chimpanzees have been known to maul their owners.

Al is educated.


He can't swim.

When was the last time you had a stomachache?

You won't believe what happened.

Cindy needs to see you.

Did the two of you meet in Boston?


What's not right?


Their conversation being in Chinese, I was not able to understand them at all.

Who taught you dance?

I'm sorry. I didn't do it on purpose.

We need a password to get in.

I'm convinced Chip killed himself.

Darci promised not to drink anymore.

When are you going to see Stewart again?

This is the hospital which I was born in.

It'll be interesting.

Don't do that again.

Would you please close the window?

Let's just stay out of each other's way.

How much are you willing to pay for it?

I'm afraid you'll need more than a conical hat to be a real wizard.

The gardener cuts back the bushes with shears and the grass with a scythe.

I am deeply saddened to know that your father has died.

The car accident took place just in front of me.

I burst out laughing in spite of myself.

How long does it take to alter it?

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A few years ago it would have been inconceivable for Japan to send troops overseas.


You're making me feel tired.

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Neil said he wasn't happy here.


The monsoon season seems to be dragging on this year.

At last, I passed the test.

Was that another joke?

Milo had to pay a fine because he parked in the wrong place.

Lois pulled the cork out of the bottle.

Well said!

Are you enterprising?


We have two classes in the afternoon.

Nicholas knows Danny isn't planning to go to Boston with him.

I think Ami is untrustworthy.


Let's wait around for her.


I do want to see you.

70 percent of British people cannot speak a second language.

The green areas are the real lungs of the city.

There are many active volcanoes in Japan.

He had his sore arm dressed.

I hate that.

Will you make an appointment with Mr Ito?

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How was your walk?

Cold blasts from the broken window chilled us.

I eagerly await your decision.

There are people to whom, null is a positive number.

Her apology was nothing but show.

He owes much of his success to his wife.

He never laughs.

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His illness is one of her chief anxieties.

The temperature fell to five degrees below zero.

The glacier moves slowly.

He looked all the houses unfolding.

I want to show it to Marnix within the hour.

Lindsey is a highly-trained member of the special forces.

Is he going to make it?

Pratap is a real nuisance.

Kyle has decided to live in Boston for the rest of his life.

He would often go fishing in the river.

What was it that brought you to me?

How many bags do you want to check?

I'd like to see him win.

He's a goal keeper.

I told you not to do that.

I wasn't entirely sure myself.

I can write very fast.

Sekar could hear the sound of people outside.

Jose changes her nail color almost every day.

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Everybody calls him Jeff.

Keep working at it.

I am allergic to cats.

Lui swore that he wasn't involved in anything untoward.

We really have a great deal to do.

Don't raise your voice above a whisper.

Atuqtuaq habitually speaks Inuktitut and speaks a bit of English.

Agatha was afraid his car would break down.

We're all loaded.

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Sooner or later, I'll have to stop doing this.

The style is the man himself.

I wonder who did that.


Tell me what's wrong with her.

Can you imagine what life would be like without television?

How did Tandy get that bruise on his leg?


We're ready when you're ready.


Ann has a kind heart.


My name is Irakli.


I spring out of the darkness.

Scott lives in a flood zone, but he doesn't have flood insurance.

I am probably due to speak tonight.

Baby poo doesn't smell bad when they are breastfeeding.

The doctor did a good job on my leg.

You are such a sweetheart.

Can you watch her?


I can't stand the noise from the street.


They accepted that.


He is absent because of illness.

I can't remember what this is called.

The sunshine improved his color.