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- Off the Deep End -

- Rock/Jazz Covers and Originals -

Off The Deep End is a Rock/Jazz band comprised of Musicians from the Germantown/Gaithersburg Maryland Area. Our Philosophy is to play Music for the sake of Music and to inspire others to do the same. We provide entertainment for a wide range of venues, from tiny Coffeehouses to giant stadiums. Whether we play to one person or to a thousand, we hope that you will enjoy our Music.

- Members -

Andrew H.

- Andrew Ho -

Josh R.

- Joshua Ronchi -
Front Man | Vocals | Saxophone

Krissy S.

- Krissy Sarkides -
Vocals | Violin | Guitar

Joey W.

- Joey Westrick -

Nate L.

- Nate Ryan -
Band Leader | Bass

- Upcoming Events -

See us LIVE at these Upcoming Venues!

New York


Gaithersburg, MD
Saturday, Dec 22nd 2018:
3:30pm - 5:00pm

Come and see us perform your favorite Holiday Songs and Classic Tunes right in front of the Christmas Tree! Make sure to bundle up and stay warm!



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Need Entertainment for your next event? Let us provide!

Maryland, US
(301) 250-6036

- Media -

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